Fourth of July Fireworks PSA

This post is in honor of the stray fireworks still going off here and there in late July. My cat weathered the first three nights of the holiday fairly well, but it’s the stray booms now that haunt her.

Also, here, I wanted to try out a new format. This format is not very useful because it doesn’t fit any social media image requirements, but I like the vertical read of it. I hope this page loads okay for people’s mobile devices and that the type is big enough to read if you’re on a phone. If not, please let me know!



Strange to see Farfel so easily swayed by a bit of internet flattery! Especially as he previously declared war on the Internet and all human internet-y devices. Though, in fairness, he did forgive it at the end. He’s a good cat.

Cat Lady Research

Last night I posted a poll on Instagram. It looks like this:

Very Important Cat Lady Research


If you want to vote, you can do so on Instagram. I will also leave comments open on this post if you want to answer here.

It is for a project I have started involving emails from cats. Some short, some a long series of short emails. I can’t imagine a cat being too wordy and writing anything lengthy in a single go.

I took the suggested address options (human, hooman, staff, maid service, etc.) from twitter, where I follow many cats. I have seen all of these used, though “hooman” is the one most frequently used in memes I’ve seen.

Anyway, so far the results have surprised me. Overwhelming the choice in comments has been J: Other. With variations on Mom and Dad accounting for the option. (Ma, Mom, Mommy, Meowmy, Meowma, Mama, Dad, Daddy).

I can’t imagine my cat addressing me this way. My cat would likely argue that she’s older than me (in cat years) and has long since been the wiser one in the relationship. If anything, she would claim the right to be the parent/mom.

“I can’t believe I allow you to humiliate me like this.”

I call her my fur-friend, and I like to think she would write to me using “Dear best friend” or “Dear best non-furry companion”. Maybe in years past she might have used “Dear idiot”. I hope I’ve gotten better at listening to her.

Anyway, if you see this and have a moment, please vote. Either here, on Instagram, or tweet me @geekycatstories with your answer.