To Barf or Not to Barf – new newsletter gift

Newsletter Subscribers now get the new short PDF story To Barf or Not To Barf! Summary: Scooter and Wylie both run Cat Heaven’s housecat email support. However, they have very different approaches when it comes to helping out the troubled housecat! This story features characters from my upcoming comic How Cats Find Their Hoomans, and … More To Barf or Not to Barf – new newsletter gift

Holiday Catmus

A Cat’s Christmas Tail 😉 This year’s story has been the super sweet holiday variety. ^.^ For all your tree-climbing, wrapping paper eating, and general holiday cat terrorizing entertainment needs get Farfel and Bob’s Christmas Catastrophe here.

Pillow Talk

What do Marcia and Bob talk about at night? The same thing all cats and cat ladies discuss!  

Telling Ghost Stories

I have had Bunnicula on the brain for a few months. Ha ha. Obviously this comic is out of season, but I had to finally get it out of my head! Maybe next year for Halloween we might learn the story of Count Vac-cula and the Dust Bunny Army…