How Cats Find Their Hoomans

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 > Prologue – Drone Marketing
 > Chapter 1 – Housecat Services Division
 > Chapter 2 – Job Selection Process
 > Chapter 3 – Field Work
 > Chapter 4 – Imminent Mission Failure
 > Chapter 5 – Communication Difficulties
 > Chapter 6 – Course Corrections
 > Chapter 7 – All Paws on Deck
 > Chapter 8 – Closing the Deal

A desperate black shelter cat seeks help from a team of guardian angels who match cats with hoomans.

Four-year-old Mabel has been stuck at the Spring Street Shelter going on six months! Either no one wants a black cat, or no one wants her. Luckily, Cat Heaven’s Housecat Services is rolling out new technology–drone marketing. When Mabel is selected as a priority case by the roaming marketing bot, her life is changed forever.

This story is for people who like rescue cats, black cats and even grumpy office manager cats. There’s also clueless hoomans, a pair of kittens, and kitty guardian angels with super hooman-whispering powers. It’s a cozy, slice-of-life adventure for all ages.

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