Farfel and Bob’s My Favorite Kitty

Break out the purrs and stand by for head butts. It’s all paws on deck!

Bob is living his worst nightmare—Marcia is seeing other cats on the Internet. In order to compete, Bob needs to make himself cuter, but how? He’s already perfect!

Meanwhile, Farfel’s latest obsession has him declaring war on backyard critter-kind.

When the cats seek answers in the forbidden woods, Farfel’s past comes back to bite him on his orange-striped buttocks, and Bob is caught in the crossfire. It’ll take more than adorable bouts of purring and massive double paws to get them out of this one!

Especially for cat lovers, this book contains: cute cat comics, humans being dumb, kittens peeing strategically, and best fur friends supporting each other to the end.

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