Farfel and Bob’s Cats vs. the Internet

Two cats, one battle cry, no opposable thumbs!

From cat circles to cucumber snakes, the humans are getting too many troublesome ideas from the Internet. Farfel decides it has to go. But will his double-paws and penchant for mousing be enough to get the job done?

Meanwhile, Bob’s Internet star is on the rise. Soon, his human Marcia could achieve the viral video success of her dreams. The price of fame is steep, however, and what if Farfel’s right? The Internet might be a menace to all cat kind.

Farfel and Bob’s Cats vs. The Internet is the third in a series that features text and comics for cat lovers. Author Kendra Carmichael merges her love of technology and feline hilarity in this third book of the Farfel and Bob series.

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