Farfel & Bob Universe

Farfel and Bob are two housecats living it up in suburbia with their respective families. Story themes include:

  • How to be a Best Cat Friend
  • How to take care of your human
  • What to do when humans get too “human-y”
  • And, for human readers, how misunderstand your cat–or your cat’s best friend

Farfel and Bob’s comics and graphic novel style stories are intended for a wide range of cat lovers. They can be read by ages 13 and up.

Purrfect Books:

Farfel and Bob books use a hybrid comic/text format. Speech bubbles in the illustrations are meant to be read in-line with the text.

Each story has around 30 comic-style illustrations. The books range from 1800 to 6000 words and can be read in any order.

Farfel and Bob’s Summer Bromance
Farfel shows his affection in ways Bob’s human finds stressful!

Farfel and Bob’s Super Stressful Weekend
Bob’s relationship with his human is tested when he finds a mouse in her basement.

Farfel and Bob’s Cats vs. The Internet
When the humans get too much bad advice online, Farfel takes matters into his own paws.

Farfel and Bob’s Christmas Catastrophe
Lock up your tinsel! No Christmas tree is safe!

Farfel and Bob’s My Favorite Kitty
Bob panics when Marcia starts seeing other cats on the Internet. Farfel investigates a mystery.

Farfel and Bob’s The Turkey Bandit
Thanksgiving has arrived and this time Bob’s hunting the turkey BEFORE it reaches the oven. His human will never see him coming.

Farfel’s Tales

Farfel’s Tales are stories that feature Farfel telling a story to the rest of the crew. Rooster the kitten is his biggest fan.

Farfel’s Tale of the Litter Box Monster (Mailing list subscriber gift)

Farfel’s Halloween Fairy Tale Mash-up (Read online)

Farfel’s Tale of Count Vacula (Read online)

Comics, Online stories & Holiday Specials

Rooster’s Valentine Advice

Holiday Catmus

The Doorbell Monster

Farfel’s Halloween Fairy Tale Mash-up

The Vengeful Toilet

Tails vs. Feathers

Cooties Comparison

Cat Lady Communication

Meet the Cats

Cast bios coming soon!


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Tale of the Litter Box Monster
Farfel, Bob, and Rooster gather to roast marshmallows. Farfel has a tale for his kitten nephew of a real life monster encounter!

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