Christmas Cat Book is now live

Hi all, Farfel and Bob’s holiday book is now live on Amazon. Sorry, this one won’t be coming to Nook or Kobo this year. Click here to visit the Amazon page to see the book description.


December writing update

UPDATE: The book is up in the Amazon store now, see it here!

Wow, it’s December 1st already! A whole month has gone by since my last blog post. I swear I did write a mid-month update, with every intention about posting more often, and then I forgot to publish it. Oops!

It’s been a productive month. Farfel and Bob’s xmas story is almost ready, with almost 30 illustrations. Here’s the cover….


I specialize in cute, apparently, at least for now. 🙂

I’ll post more details about the book when the Amazon link goes up soon. Also, this book will be part of a multi-genre holiday giveaway in the second half of December. I’ll be sending out a newsletter with a link to that.

Now that all the drawing for this book is done, I hope to get back to compiling the results of the cat lady research poll. The geek in me is curious to see what the data will look like in graphical format.

DIY Cat Pumpkins with tails!


Stuff you need:

  1. Pumpkins!
  2. Carving saw – recommend the Pumpkin Masters battery operated “power saw”
  3. Imagination
  4. Heavy craft wire (for tail). Could possibly get away with an old coat hanger.
  5. Wire cutters
  6. Spoon, aka pumpkin gut scooper
  7. Tea light & lighter, or battery operated tea lite
  8. Pen & paper


Step 1: The Idea

Draw your idea on paper. Play with different faces. Remember if you want to have eyeballs, then you need that to be part of the pumpkin, and the light to show through around the eyeball parts.

Step 2: The Top & Guts

Draw the ears onto the pumpkin, connected with the brow line. Then draw down an inch of the of the cat’s head shape on the left and right. Then draw a line around the back of the pumpkin connecting the two stopping points. Cut out the top of the cat’s head and scoop out the guts.

Step 3: The Face

Draw your face on the pumpkin and cut out the pieces.

Tip: if the walls of the pumpkin are thick when you take out the goo, you should thin them out before trying to carve.

Tip 2: The easiest way to carve, for me, is to poke holes here and there and carve from one point to the other.

Step 4 – The Tail

Cut a half moon shape out of the back of the pumpkin top. Cut this piece into small pieces and string several of them onto the wire.

Fold the top of the wire down and inward so it doesn’t poke anyone.

To pose the tail, either set the pumpkin down on the bottom part of the wire (works if the pumpkin is heavy enough) or jab it into the base of the pumpkin.


Step 5: Light it to test

Pop in a tea light and light it.

If you’re using small pumpkins, I recommend using a battery operated tea light, or else your whole kitchen will quickly smell like cooked pumpkin. (Not as fun as it sounds!)
Step 6: Decide on open top or closed.

Cat-ur-lanters look good without the top. Like this:

However, if you want to create the effect of the ear outline also being lit, you can do the following:

Take the top of the pumpkin and *very carefully* carve away 1/8 – ¼ of the outline of the ears and forehead. Set it back on and see how it looks. Use trial and error, cutting away little pieces, until you are able to allow space for the light to come through and still have the top sit well.

It should look something like this:

Step 7 – Prevent decay

A friend suggested that spraying the inside of the carved pumpkin with a diluted bleach solution might inhibit mold growth and make your creation last longer. I suspect hydrogen peroxide might work as well.


Step 8 – Post a picture! 

I’d love to see what you come up with. Tag me on Instagram or Twitter @geekyCatStories. 🙂


Farfel and Bob’s Halloween

Don’t miss Farfel and Bob’s free Halloween story, Cat Lady Roulette. Read it here!


Farfel and Bob are Officially International!

Farfel and Bob’s first two books got a lovely review by a Canadian cat lover and book blogger this week.

Christine from Constantly Moving the Bookmark wrote, “Sometimes you just have to read something light and fun, and if that something is told by two absolutely charming “talking” cats, well – all the better. ”

Ha ha! She totally gets it. 😀

Check out the rest >

If you’d like a review copy of one of Farfel and Bob’s books, give me a shout here.

Cats vs. The Internet – ARCs

“Two Best Friends, One Battle Cry, No Opposable Thumbs!”

FarfelBob_TEMP_tn_CVRFarfel and Bob’s new book, Cats vs. The Internet, is off to the betas! The book should be coming out in May.

If you’d like to receive an ARC e-copy, send me a message.

You’ll get the book free, two weeks before it launches. All I ask is that you leave a review somewhere online (ie. Amazon, Goodreads, your own blog, etc.) within the first week of the book’s release.

And now I’m off to work on the cover!

Cat Lady / Cat Man Graphics

Cat People have special challenges. The cats make sure of that.

I went with “cat person” on these… The cat lady terminology may be the most well known, however there are a great many cat men out there.

In fact, I was surprised to find some of Farfel and Bob’s first readers were cat-loving men.

So check these out and feel free to share them with friends.

Relate to any of these? You might enjoy reading one of Farfel and Bob’s books for cat lovers. Get started today, for cheap!

farfelbob_lbm_cvr517  Read it FREE here >

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