The Turkey Bandit

Thanksgiving book finally complete! I’m back-dating this post a bit because, apparently I forgot to update the website in November. Oops! Summary: Thanksgiving grows near, and Bob’s fed up with previous failures. This year he’s doing it right. This year, he’s hunting the turkey before it reaches the oven. His human will never see him coming. Meanwhile, … More The Turkey Bandit

Halloween 2019

Summary: This Halloween Farfel’s got a rollicking tale for the crew, featuring his great demon-slaying ancestor, Van Farfel. On a dark and stormy night, Van Farfel finds himself in a fight of his life. His nemesis, a possessed vacuum cleaner who feeds on cat fur! He must rescue a family, free the trapped dust bunnies, … More Halloween 2019

Holiday Catmus

A Cat’s Christmas Tail 😉 This year’s story has been the super sweet holiday variety. ^.^ For all your tree-climbing, wrapping paper eating, and general holiday cat terrorizing entertainment needs get Farfel and Bob’s Christmas Catastrophe here.

Pillow Talk

What do Marcia and Bob talk about at night? The same thing all cats and cat ladies discuss!