Halloween 2019



This Halloween Farfel’s got a rollicking tale for the crew, featuring his great demon-slaying ancestor, Van Farfel.

On a dark and stormy night, Van Farfel finds himself in a fight of his life. His nemesis, a possessed vacuum cleaner who feeds on cat fur!

He must rescue a family, free the trapped dust bunnies, and prevent Count Vacula from bringing his evil vacuum mate to life. Plus, he must do it all in time for dinner. It is Tuna Tuesday, after all.

This illustrated story features costume-covered kittens, dog houses for cats, magical fanny packs, and monsters who have been known to eat parents.

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Fourth of July Fireworks PSA

This post is in honor of the stray fireworks still going off here and there in late July. My cat weathered the first three nights of the holiday fairly well, but it’s the stray booms now that haunt her.

Also, here, I wanted to try out a new format. This format is not very useful because it doesn’t fit any social media image requirements, but I like the vertical read of it. I hope this page loads okay for people’s mobile devices and that the type is big enough to read if you’re on a phone. If not, please let me know!



Strange to see Farfel so easily swayed by a bit of internet flattery! Especially as he previously declared war on the Internet and all human internet-y devices. Though, in fairness, he did forgive it at the end. He’s a good cat.

A Kitten’s Valentine Advice


Here’s my three tips to have a great Valentine’s Day.


1. Snuggles are Important

What kind of snuggles? All kinds. Sleepy morning snuggles. Sneaky snuggles where you get pounced. Inadvertent snuggles where the bigger cat sleeps on you, is heavy, and forgets you’re there—actually, I don’t like that one.



2. Chocolate is Important

But not for cats. For humans. But in the shape of a cat. That way the person gets the benefit of the chocolate chemicals AND the cat-ness, which supersedes the chocolate value by one million trillion, at least.



3. Flowers are Important

But don’t eat them, or you might barf. People say barfing is not as romantic as chocolate cats. YMMV.

That’s about it. If you go with responsible snuggles, cat-shaped chocolate, and non-edible flowers, you’re sure to have a great day!

❤ Rooster!