The Doorbell Monster – Farfel and Bob Halloween 2018

Farfel and Bob’s latest update took the form of a comic series on Instagram leading up to the big night—October 31st! (For last year’s Halloween Story, click here.) I am hoping to include The Doorbell Monster here using Instagram’s embed feature, however readers might have an easier time reading it on my Instagram page. Use … Continue reading The Doorbell Monster – Farfel and Bob Halloween 2018


Christmas Cat Book is now live

Hi all, Farfel and Bob’s holiday book is now live on Amazon. Sorry, this one won’t be coming to Nook or Kobo this year. Click here to visit the Amazon page to see the book description.  

Writerly Meows

Another Halloween come and gone. This was my first year in a new house. We had only 3 groups of trick-or-treaters. It was wonderful! Where I lived before we would clock anywhere between 80-120 trick-or-treaters per holiday. I tallied it a couple of years, just to make sure I was prepared with enough candy.  Writing update. … Continue reading Writerly Meows