Farfel and Bob’s Halloween Posts

Farfel has a habit of telling tales. Usually around Halloween.

They’re not quite like the Farfel and Bob books, they’re a little more meta, and well, structurally odd.

They tend to start with Bob and Rooster asking for a story, Farfel telling a story–with Bob and Rooster offering plenty of comments along the way–and then everyone goes home, and Bob gets on the sofa with Marcia for a happily ever after.

This year, 2020, there will be no new tale for the ghoulish time of the year. But here’s a list of ones gone by…

Farfel’s Tale of Count Vacula

Farfel tells an epic tale of a cat who loses her tail to a vampiric vaccuum and seeks out a great hero (Van Farfel) to help her rescue her family.

Farfel’s Tale of Three Cat Ladies

Farfel recalls the days of living in an apartment building, where he once went trick-or-treating and encountered three very different cat ladies.

Farfel’s Tale of the Litter Box Monster

Although not expressly a Halloween story, it has a ghost story vibe. Too scary for kittens? Maybe…

The Doorbell Monster

Not a tale, but a comic series showing the events of Halloween 2018. The sappiest Halloween ending yet…