To Barf or Not to Barf – new newsletter gift

I’ve been told cat barfing jokes will only appeal to children under the age of ten…

I must respectfully disagree. As my friend–and owner of many cats–pointed out, it’s the gross experiences of stepping in vomit and finding the occasional mystery poops in the middle of the carpet that make these types of jokes funny and relatable.

Ha ha. Or not. To each their own.

Either way, subscribers to my email list now get the new short PDF story To Barf or Not To Barf. It features characters from my upcoming comic How Cats Find Their Hoomans, and is suitable for cat lovers of all ages.

Summary: Scooter and Wylie both run Cat Heaven’s housecat email support. However, they have very different approaches when it comes to helping out the troubled housecat!

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