Writerly Meows

Another Halloween come and gone. This was my first year in a new house. We had only 3 groups of trick-or-treaters. It was wonderful! Where I lived before we would clock anywhere between 80-120 trick-or-treaters per holiday. I tallied it a couple of years, just to make sure I was prepared with enough candy. 

Writing update. I thought I might start posting updates on projects in production. Things have been moving along well lately. I finished the first draft of Farfel and Bob’s holiday story yesterday, tentatively titled Christmas Catnip Catastrophe. Just waiting to hear back from some beta readers before commencing the artwork. This story will have a lot of graphics. Farfel’s side of the story will feature a pet sitter who likes to text pictures of him in compromising situations, so I’ll be drawing all of those.

My cat lady research poll was posted on a traffic heavy cat community on Facebook this past week. I now have a lot of responses to add to my Instagram results. I hope to compile the results soon. Mostly, it makes my inner geek wish I could run a dozen other more specific polls to control for various variables, but I will restrain myself.

The only project not going well is Farfel and Bob’s Thanksgiving story. Bob is excited about turkey dinner day, but excitement in itself is not leading up to much of a plot. Oops. This here pic is a sample of what you get when you google cats and thanksgiving, for research purposes. 😉

Here’s to all the kitties who manage to eat the bird before they get caught. Good work.