Things I Learned From My Human – WorryWart

This is a random bit I wrote a few weeks ago. I have started pieces in my notebooks before with “Things I Learned From My Human” and they always turn out differently. Maybe I’ll track some down and make a series.


Things I Learned From My Human

Worry. Worry a lot. Worry at night, at breakfast, and in between if you can fit it in.
Don’t bathe every hour. No one does that.
Use soap, but don’t lick it off. No one does that either.
Did I mention worry?
Worry about money. Worry about bills. Worry about jobs you hate and jobs you like but aren’t sure you’re any good at.
Worry about what people think and worry about whether or not they’re thinking about you at all.
Don’t worry in the shower. Hot water is too nice to waste on that.
Don’t worry when you pet the cat. Purring is too nice to waste on that.
In fact, get an extra cat so you’ll have an excuse to pet cats twice as long without having to take more showers.
Also, get a car. You can’t go anywhere or bring home huge bags of kibble if you can’t drive.
Lastly, give dogs the respect they deserve. They’re probably coping with a worrying human too.


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