Cats vs. Internet – Extras and Outakes

So, Farfel and Bob’s Cats vs. The Internet earlier this year.

I had this post made up for all the internet research Farfel and Bob, did on their own to prepare for that book. Somehow, however, I never pressed the publish button! Oh well, better late than never.

Here’s what Farfel & Bob covered in their Internet Research:

Animal Planet’s Puppy Bowl

First, they took over Marcia’s tablet. Then, because Marcia had inexplicably left the window open to the page, they watched Animal Planet’s Puppy Bowl.


Animal Planet’s Kitten Bowl

Logic dictated they then watch the Kitten Bowl.


Maru’s Box Sliding

Using Marcia’s bookmarks, they then visited the Japanese Internet to check out a fellow cat they’d heard of.


Budweiser Clydesdale Superbowl Commercials

Marcia’s trusty links then led them to the Budweiser SuperBowl commercials about the clydesdales and the puppy. Including Best Buds and Lost Dog.

Things got a little emotional.


Fubirai’s Photo Blog (is awesome)

(Read these lines as a conversation! Sorry I couldn’t format them closer together.)

circles_bob “Hmm… Photos from some place called Cat Heaven Island…”
circles_farf “Wow, look at ’em all. I’ve never seen so many cats.”
circles_bob “My Marcia reads this!?”
circles_farf “Living out in the fresh air. Going where they please.”
circles_bob “Am I not enough for her?”
circles_farf “Just think of the fresh fish they get living right there.”
circles_bob “Fish that doesn’t come from a can is too much work!”
circles_farf “You okay, Bob? You seem a little worked up.”
circles_bob *hisss* *spit* *claw*
“My Marcia doesn’t need all these scruffy vagrant hoodlums in her life!”
circles_farf “… Let’s click on something else.”

Neko Atsume Kitty Collector

They discovered the Neko Atsume on Marcia’s home screen.


Bob felt better about Marcia playing with imaginary cats than he did about her looking at too many real ones. However, they soon disagreed on how to play.

circles_bob “Ooh, they have the good tuna. We should put that out.”

“That costs twelve gold fish! We could get a whole cat condo for that.”


“Are you saying our cats should eat cheap food?”


“Our cats? These are freeloading strays, the lot of them.”

circles_bob “Hmph. Don’t blame me if none of the fancy cats visit you.”

So… they each got their own tablet and peace was restored.



And with that, the shiny new glow of The Internet faded and Bob got to work on more important things, like researching TUNA.

Tuna turned out to be a bigger subject than he realized, what with all the various species and sizes. He has to study up. If you follow him me on twitter or read his newsletter, he’s sure to post his results, eventually.