Researching the Feline Internet

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Farfel and Bob’s third book comes out soon, so I thought I’d post a list of Internet themes that show up in the book.

This post is mostly for less internet savvy readers, who might need links to refer back to later!


Very Important Internet Themes from the book:

Diet Cat Treats

Actually, these are a fictional exaggeration on my part. However, if you’re into working in the kitchen, a bit of googling turns up a few options, like…

Just keep in mind, cats are very different from humans, unless you’ve really done the research, it’s best to use commercial food so they don’t miss any nutrients or get too much of the wrong thing.

Then again, my cat will happily eat paper and plastic if I’m not careful… so custom cat treats would probably be a step up…

Cat Circles

After a harrowing experience, Bob is not a fan of cat circles.

Cat circles took the internet by storm a few years back when someone revealed that his cat enjoyed sitting inside a circle created by a power cord that happened to be on the floor.


Check out this post at Boredom Therapy for an account of the phenomenon’s origin with lots of photographic evidence!

Of course, cats are on to us humans. Here’s a counter-argument video by Cole and Marmalade, demonstrating how trapping a cat in a circle is easier said than done.

So, can it be done?

According to my sister’s experience with her cat, no. I regularly trap my cat on small rectangular towels, however. So I suspect truth to the story!


An older phenomenon, LOLcats, otherwise known as cat macros, are still rampant on the internet. Rampant, I say!

Pictures of cats with captions, usually in Impact font, they have a rich history, which you can read about on Wikipedia and many other sites, including this one.

Here’s one I made years back, when I had an ICanHasCheezburger account of my own and used their LOLcat generator.


You can see a bunch on Tumblr.

Only slightly related, however, if you are interested, here is a cool article on how Impact ended up being the most used font for memes you see on the internet.

Cat Shaming Memes

Cat Shaming Meme

Cat shaming memes are similar to LOLcats, in that they have pictures of cats with writing on them. The text in this case, however, is in the form of a human created sign telling of the cat’s misdeeds.


Check them out:

Cat shaming memes are funny because they’re true. I found it hard to make one myself, however, because despite Awesometown’s flaws, I could only create text that said my cat was AWESOME… which was not really the point.

Sleeping Cucumber Snake

If those who post cat shaming memes argue that cats are @$$holes and thus deserve mockery, the Cucumber Snake meme suggests that humans really aren’t much better.

When the internet learned that cats display a disproportionate reaction to a cucumber placed behind them while they’re eating, people everywhere tried it out and video taped the results.

Here are a few…

A mention about the cucumber cat viral trend would not be complete without noting that there are also those who claim the meme is harmful to cats.

Feline Internet Stardom

In Farfel & Bob’s Cats vs. The Internet, Marcia aspires to viral stardom status for Bob.

After all, who doesn’t aspire to the world knowing how great their cat is? I mean, you know your cat is great. Everyone else should too!

Of course, keeping up a cat’s social presence can quickly become a full time job. So most of us just like to appreciate those who make the effort.

In conclusion

Well, that wraps up the internet stuff covered in Farfel and Bob’s first literary attack on the internet.

There were many things they didn’t get to explore (like Caturday, or Maru’s Box Sliding, or Animal Planet’s Kitten Bowl), so perhaps this work will require a sequel!

If there are cat internet memes or trends you feel they should address, tweet them to me at @GeekyCatStories and I’ll keep them in mind for next time. 🙂

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  1. Perhaps I missed it but I didn’t see the most famous internet cat, City the Kitty!! Orange bobtail polydactyl kitty has appeared on My Cat From Hell, Bad Dog, articles & books. He is the leading feline advocate for the ban on cat declawing. 😻


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